Benefits Of Joining The Motor Club of America

The Motor Club of America, otherwise known as the MCA, was established way back in 1926, by a gentleman called William W. Green. As with the AAA, the Motor Club of America is a roadside rescue service at heart, but also offers its members many benefits. It has member in both the US and Canada, totaling over 13 million people, and that membership is improving each year.

The Motor Club of America offers a very good sales referral program that many entrepreneurs have made use of to start their own business. So not only do you get the great benefits that come with being a member, by referring people to MCA you can earn a passive income.

The MCA offers a lot to its members these days, and is just as much a benefit club as it is a roadside rescue service. Below you will find a list of some of the main benefits the MCA offers.

• Obviously being a roadside rescue service that is included, it includes 24 hour cover whether you are at home, work or anywhere.
• You can claim up to $500 for travel reimbursement if you break down over 50 miles from where you live.
• Receive discounts on your vision and dental procedures, as well as prescriptions.
• $1,000 in credit card protection is included.
• Access to a $25,000 bail bond for any moving vehicle violation charge.
• Up to $500 for an emergency room to stay in if you break down far from home.
• $10,000 Accidental death cover.
• $150 A day hospital allowance for up to 365 days, that is $54,750.
• Receive a maximum attorney fee of $3,000.
• Hundreds of discounts on reservations on airlines and holiday packages.
• A $500 for an arrest bond certificate.
• Many more benefits reaching over $150,000

As you can see, the MCA is something that offers a lot to the member, and you can save your membership fee many times over just by using the travel discounts.

For those people who decide to setup a business selling MCA membership, how much you can make each year depends only on how much work you are prepared to put into it. Some people are reportedly earning over $40,000 a year, and this comes with business tax breaks. Even better is that if you can get other people to sell the membership for you, then the MCA will pay you $6 for each sale, so you can be making money for doing very little work.