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Motor Club of America

Roadside Assistance

Our roadside assistance provides unlimited towing, fuel delivery, lockout service, battery boosting and tire changing.

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prescription discounts

Prescription Discounts

Save up to 60% on prescription drugs, plus discounts on dental and vision visits and procedures too.

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home based business

A Great Home Based Business

Looking to earn extra money while spending more time with your family?  MCA can help.  Many agents are earning full time salaries from home.

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Ready To Get The Most Comprehensive Coverage?

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Thank you so much for visiting this site and seeking out more information about MCA.  If you’ve never heard about MCA, lets go over a quick overview of all the coverages you get when you join and the opportunity that is being presented to you.

In short, MCA is a company that provides a service that every single driver in the US and Canada can use.  MCA is changing the way that people think about Roadside Assistance and has experienced tremendous growth due to the quality of the services that are provided.

Here are some of the benefits MCA Members get:

  • Unlimited Tows a Year at 100 Miles per Tow
  • Unlimited Lock Out Service
  • Emergency Room Coverage Up to $500/Injury
  • Hospital Income Policy at $150/day up to $54,750/year
  • $50,000 Accidental Death Policy
  • $25,000 Arrest & Bail Bond Protection
  • Covered Attorney’s Fees
  • Stolen Vehicle Reward
  • and, Much More…

As you can see from the benefits listed about, MCA is more than just roadside assistance.  It truly is protection for the driver, the car, and the driver’s family.  MCA is an indispensable coverage plan that fills in the gaps that so many insurances leave and costs about $0.66 a day.

Take a look at the video to understand the benefits that you get:









Can You Afford to NOT Have MCA?

The first time that people hear about MCA, there is the tendency to believe that their current roadside assistance will cover them just as well, but that is the furthest thing from the truth.

Most other roadside assistance companies require you to pay for service out of your pocket at the time of the incident.  After the service has been provided, they then reimburse you for the expenses if, and ONLY if, they approve the claim.

MCA is much different as they cover the incident right out of their pocket.  So if your car breaks down and you need a tow, you don’t need to worry about paying the $100 hook up fee and the $3/mile fee – MCA pays them directly, you just sign the receipt and keep it moving.


Why MCA is the Choice for My Family

It was literally 10 days after I started my MCA policy that I injured my knee while working out.  I needed to go to the hospital, and after examination, they told me that I had strained my knee and needed to stay off of it for a week.

Immediately after getting home from the hospital, I called up MCA to submit the claim, and 2 weeks later received a check for $500 for going to emergency room.  MCA covered my hospital copay and at least a year of coverage within my first 2 weeks.

That’s all I needed to see.  Once that check came in I immediately signed up my entire family for their own personal plans so that they could have the same level of coverage.

Within my first year of service with MCA, they have paid out over $2500 in Hospital Income claims, have towed my car at least 10 times (had a hard to find coolant leak that was causing overheating) and have paid me out for sharing their great service with others.









Why does MCA Pay?

One of the most costly things for any business is advertising.  MCA has taken a much different approach to solidifying its brand in the marketplace than its competitors.  Instead of spending millions on commercials, MCA pays its members for referring others to the service.

And MCA Pays Very, Very Well….

MCA essentially follows the same payment structure as most insurance companies.  They prepay you commissions based off of the average retention rate for its customers.  What this means for you is that for every $19.95 plan that you sell, MCA pays you $80 directly.

Even if you are not looking to pursue MCA as a full time career, you can easily cover your membership costs for a year by just referring 3 people to MCA.  I’m pretty confident that you know at least 3 drivers that could use MCA’s coverage, and if you do, you can essentially get MCA’s membership for free!

Take a look at how much you can potentially earn:










MCA Income Proof

Now, for those that want to take the referral program more seriously, very serious income can be made.  Here are some of the commissions that have been paid out to real MCA members:



Expectations for Our MCA Team

When you decide to join MCA, we just want you to communicate with us.  If you are just joining for the service, that’s fine.  If you are joining to build a business, we need that to be communicated with us so we show you the best way to promote this wonderful coverage plan.

If you are deciding to pursue a MCA business, we fully expect that you will dedicate a minimum of 6 months to learning the product and learning the tactics for success.  While success in a short period of time is possible, it is not the norm.

The Most Success Comes to Those Who STICK WITH IT!!!


Convinced that MCA is For You?  We’d Love to Have You on the Team!










  • So I was reading on the way home as my hubby was driving us back and I forgot to turn the reading light off so it stayed on all night.  My hubby got irritated and at me, but I called MCA. I didn't think they would cover me because the vehicle was in my garage. They actually picked up the phone right away, they called a service agent, he called me in less than 10 minutes after I hung up with MCA.
    Carmen H.
  • One of my relatives wanted to go New Jersey and didn't have a place to stay.  I called and booked a hotel room and gave my membership number and saved 20%.  All I did was call the 800 number.    
    Asha B.
  • I had originally got my MCA coverage because of their Emergency Room Benefit.  I was familiar with this type of benefit already as I had a policy from an insurance company already.  I'm glad I got the policy because less than 2 weeks after I bought it, I strained my achilles tendon.  All I did was call up MCA and ask them for the forms, and 7 days later I had a check for $500 waiting for me from MCA for my injury.  I was so impressed that I started telling my family about MCA too, and started making some extra money too.
    David Liciaga

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